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Paul Harvey
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Short Answer Questions

1. After his acting career, what sport is George in Chapter 52 well known for?

2. What insect's nest provides important paper-making clues in Chapter 57?

3. When does George cash his check in Chapter 52?

4. What war does the Maine's explosion cause America to enter in Chapter 67?

5. How old is Addie in Chapter 44 when the tragic incident at the party occurs?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does one man's retirement lead to the development of a national chain of restaurants in "Better Late Than Never"?

2. What recurring lesson does Harvey reinforce in "Little Book Lost"?

3. What is the unlikely route that an actor takes to achieve success on the big screen in Chapter 52?

4. How does Harvey use two different time periods as the element of surprise in "The Code of Love"?

5. Which technique does Harvey use in "Escape" to conceal the identity of the story's subject?

6. What is Olga's secret in Chapter 39?

7. What is the importance of "The Kiss" in Chapter 53?

8. How is it possible that William is a governor, a terrorist, and a prisoner within four years in Chapter 65?

9. How does Sam Houston know exactly what time to attack the enemy in "Napoleon of the West"?

10. Which president has a penchant for speed in "Drag-Strip Simpson," and how does Harvey document his hobby?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Politics and the use of alternate names are a recurring theme in The Rest of the Story.

1) Describe Adlai Stevenson's childhood experience, the effect it has on his career, and the name Harvey uses to refer to him in Chapter 44.

2) Explain Ulysses S. Grant's discontent with his job, his penchant for speeding, and the two names that are revealed in Chapter 45.

3) Analyze Winston Chruchill's lesser known career and adventures in Chapter 47 and the lesser known middle names that Harvey uses for him.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the ironic and unexpected results of good intentions in Chapter 34 and 35, including Dr. Joseph's confusing efforts to invent a less painful way of execution and Artful Eddie's influence in his son's eventual recognition.

Essay Topic 3

The purpose of a number of the stories in the book is to inform the reader of certain facts about well known people or events.

1) Compare and contrast the fires in Chicago and Wisconsin and the facts that Harvey provides about them in Chapter 15.

2) Compare and contrast the Titanic with the fictional ship, the Titan, and the information delivered about both of them in Chapter 20.

3) Describe three more examples of stories that are designed to inform, and explain how they reveal unknown facts about a particular person or topic.

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