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Paul Harvey
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What instrument does Olga Samaroff play in Chapter 39?
(a) The violin.
(b) The cello.
(c) The flute.
(d) The piano.

2. What position does James acquire with the Army Medical Department in Chapter 72?
(a) Surgeon General.
(b) Commander.
(c) Chief.
(d) Inspector General.

3. Cesar's mother insists that her son learns about which two subjects in school?
(a) English and science.
(b) English and math.
(c) French and math.
(d) French and science.

4. What year is Adlai Stevenson a nominee for president?
(a) 1954.
(b) 1956.
(c) 1952.
(d) 1950.

5. How many stage coaches does Black Bart rob between 1875 and 1883?
(a) Twenty-nine.
(b) Thirty-two.
(c) Thirty-nine.
(d) Twenty-two.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Leonard imprisoned in Chapter 47?

2. How long does it take for William to become a governor, to be a prisoner, and to be labeled as a terrorist in Chapter 65?

3. What country is the piano player from in Chapter 71?

4. When does Charles Augustus invent a design for the first artificial heart and lung?

5. Why is Edison considered a top producer in Chapter 71?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does a young goat herder become known for the optimum in elegance in Chapter 46?

2. How does one man's retirement lead to the development of a national chain of restaurants in "Better Late Than Never"?

3. What are some of the interesting facts about Kris Kristofferson in "Establishment Boy"?

4. Which other gift of Van Cliburn does Harvey reveal in Chapter 74?

5. How is the song of the enemy used as a motivational anthem by Americans in Chapter 62?

6. How does a tragic event influence a politician in Chapter 44?

7. According to Chapter 41, what is a possible reason for "Dracula" to have been written?

8. What is the unlikely route that an actor takes to achieve success on the big screen in Chapter 52?

9. How does Sam Houston know exactly what time to attack the enemy in "Napoleon of the West"?

10. How is it possible that William is a governor, a terrorist, and a prisoner within four years in Chapter 65?

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