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Paul Harvey
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the important letter that Taylor misses in Chapter 30 originally sent from?
(a) York.
(b) Pittsburgh.
(c) Allentown.
(d) Philadelphia.

2. What do all of the "Mama's Boys" that Harvey discusses in Chapter 4 have in common?
(a) They are all former presidents.
(b) They are all former vice presidents.
(c) They are all athletes.
(d) They are all actors.

3. What is the only item stolen from the traveler in Chapter 32?
(a) A belt buckle.
(b) A rope.
(c) An antique gun.
(d) A mask.

4. What animal is Jack in Chapter 8?
(a) Chimpanzee.
(b) Dog.
(c) Baboon.
(d) Cat.

5. Why does the woman in Chapter 7 attempt to fake her own death?
(a) To frame her husband.
(b) To leave the country.
(c) To claim insurance money.
(d) To frame her friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What item does the woman in Chapter 7 leave in her car as she pushes it over a cliff?

2. Why doesn't Giuseppe like fishing in Chapter 29?

3. Where is Captain Paul's ship docked when he kills the ringleader of a mutiny in Chapter 17?

4. Why does Taylor begin to refuse his mail in Chapter 30?

5. What movie does Catherine Campbell audition for in Chapter 18?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is General Taylor's missed opportunity in Chapter 30?

2. What issue does Harvey explore in the historical setting of Chapter 28?

3. Why is Edzard's painting puzzling to people in Chapter 36?

4. What unusual method for composing operas does Wagner use in "Wagner's Collaborator"?

5. What is the story behind the "Pen Pals" in Chapter 14?

6. What accidental invention is detailed in "Fall Where They May"?

7. How does Harvey describe the life of W.C. Fields?

8. How does an actress' past cause Harvey to include her story in Chapter 27?

9. What irony is Harvey depicting in "The Name of the Game"?

10. What is the surprise ending of Rachmaninoff's story in Chapter 16?

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