Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story Short Essay - Answer Key

Paul Harvey
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1. How does Dr. Pemberton inadvertently discover a popular soft drink formula?

Dr. Pemberton is actually a druggist who attempts to sell a syrupy headache cure to a pharmacy. One of the employees at the pharmacy adds carbonated water to the syrup and stumbles on the basis for the formula of what is now known as Coca-Cola.

2. How does Harvey describe the life of W.C. Fields?

Harvey begins with Fields' childhood and explains how he attacked his father in retaliation for being disciplined before running away. Later, he becomes a juggler and comedian, which is the combination for his vaudeville act.

3. What is the foreshadowing used in "Snow Man"?

Harry sells a horse to a neighbor, but the horse keeps jumping fences to return to him. This is a foreshadowing of the horse's eventual jumping career and winning of championships.

4. Which technique does Harvey use in "Seer Samuel"?

In "Seer Samuel," Harvey is describing Mark Twain's dreams about a tragedy involving his brother. He uses the name Samuel as a reference to Twain's original name, Samuel Clemens, so that the reader will be surprised at the ending.

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