Objects & Places from Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story

Paul Harvey
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The Pennsylvaniaappears in Seer Samuel

This is the ship on which Samuel's brother Henry worked in Seer Samuel.

Self-sacrificeappears in For the Love of Jim

This is what Jack the baboon goes through for his friend by helping him adjust to and work at a new job.

Howard Johnson's Dinerappears in Banned in Boston

This diner is located across the street from a theater that allowed the production of a risque play by Eugene O'Neill.

Moon Lake Lodgeappears in Fall Where They May

This is the Sarasota, New York, location where Chef George Crum sarcastically serves a customer the first potato chip.

Furthappears in The Bully and the Boy

This is a small Bavarian village, home to Henry Kissinger and his family.

Kolhapurappears in Come Out with My Hands Up

This is a community in India where the rajah shows that he is a very crooked ruler.

humanitarianismappears in Execution Fit for a King

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