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Paul Harvey
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Essay Topic 1

Paul Harvey has a very distinct style in writing the stories for the book.

1) Describe Harvey's writing style and the way it reflects his radio broadcasts.

2) Explain how Harvey builds the anticipation in the stories and maintains the reader's interest.

3) Analyze how Harvey uses the names of the subjects throughout the book in order to enhance the effect of the stories and his writing style.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the use of foreshadowing in "Dr. Pemberton's Pick-Me-Up," "Snow Man," and "Mama's Boys." For each story, provide examples of how and why foreshadowing is the main literary technique used. Include an analysis of any other techniques used as well.

Essay Topic 3

Some of the stories in "The Rest of the Story" are meant to be thought provoking and leave the audience with questions of their own.

1) Describe the story about Agatha Christie in Chapter 7 and what her plan...

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