Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paul Harvey
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Chapters 1-6

• Paul Harvey begins his collection of stories with Dr. Pemberton's accidental invention of Coca-Cola in "Dr. Pemberton's Pick-Me-Up."

• "The Juggler" is named for a boy that retaliates against authority before mixing two skills in a vaudeville act.

• The horse, "Snow Man", jumps fences to return to his original owner in a story about the beginning of his championship career.
• A list of several presidents are provided as "Mama's Boys" in a story that documents the success of those who care for their mother.

• A famous author has troubling dreams about a sibling's tragic accident in the story, "Seer Samuel."

• In "The Mouse that Roared," a teacher helps a future Grammy award winner by using a rodent and a trash can.

Chapters 7-12

• Agatha Christie's ironic and failed attempt to frame her husband is described in Chapter 7.

• A baboon's loyalty and admirable effort are the subjects of...

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