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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift does Ione give Harriet in Chapter 25?
(a) A teddy bear.
(b) A music box.
(c) A silk scarf.
(d) A watch.

2. Why did Clyde decide to get a job?
(a) To get out of the house.
(b) To meet new people.
(c) To build up his resume.
(d) To pay his bills.

3. What does Reese arrange for Harriet in Chapter 19?
(a) A library card.
(b) A visit with Patty Jane.
(c) A doctor's appointment.
(d) A bank loan.

4. How many months pass before Ione returns from her trip?
(a) Six months.
(b) Three months.
(c) Five months.
(d) Eight months.

5. How does Harriet avoid living on the streets in Chapter 16?
(a) By sharing a bed with whatever man offers to buy her drinks.
(b) By staying in the church.
(c) By sleeping in a hotel hallway.
(d) By staying at a homeless shelter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Harriet while riding the bus in Chapter 14?

2. How did the crazy woman lose her dentistry license?

3. What do Harriet and Nora do as a surprise in Chapter 24?

4. Who does Harriet see on the bus in Chapter 18?

5. What is Harriet sick with?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Harriet end up homeless in Chapter 16? What does she realize will always provide her with a place to sleep?

2. What do the doctors tell Ione and Patty Jane about Thor's condition in Chapter 23?

3. Why does Harriet hope to find Merry in Chapter 21? Who does Harriet spot with the crazy woman in Chapter 21?

4. In Chapter 16, what does Patty Jane begin to dwell on as Harriet's absence draws out? Who does Patty Jane turn to for comfort?

5. What is Harriet doing when she runs into Reese in Chapter 18? What does Reese give her?

6. How does Reese help Harriet in Chapters 18 and 19?

7. What does Patty Jane decide to do at the House of Curl in Chapter 12?

8. How does Thor's reappearance affect Patty Jane and Clyde's relationship in Chapter 23?

9. What prompts Patty Jane to kick Harriet out in Chapter 15?

10. Where do Reese, Clyde, and Harriet find Thor at Temple Curry's home? What does Temple tell them about her past and how she came to be with Thor?

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