Objects & Places from Patty Jane's House of Curl

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Object Descriptions

Trumpet - This is what Harriet wanted to play when she was a young girl.

Harp - This is what Harriet often plays for the House of Curl customers.

Perfumed Bandanas and Monogrammed Aprons - These are what Patty Jane insists are special touches that make her beauty salon different from others.

Birdhouses - Thor builds these after his accident.

Clyde Chuka's Art - This is what Patty Jane is astonished to find can sell for thousands of dollars.

Mighty Bites - This is a product Avel's company makes.

Dessert - This is what Ione provides for the customers at the House of Curl.

Letters from Thor - These are what Patty Jane takes as proof that Thor ran away from impending fatherhood.

Letter from College Professor - This is what Harriet shows to Avel while they are still investigating Thor's disappearance.

Oyster-colored Packard - This is...

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