Patty Jane's House of Curl Fun Activities

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Storyboard/Comic book

Choose a scene from the novel and present it visually as a film storyboard or comic book.


Choose an interesting section from the novel and perform it as a dramatic scene or comedic skit.

Character Trading Cards

Assign each student in the class a character (or two) with a significant role in the novel. In the format of a baseball trading card, each student should create an artistic depiction of the character to go on the front of the card and gather vital information about the characters role, family, beliefs, etc. to go on the back of the card. Photocopy (or otherwise reproduce) and distribute the cards so that each student will have a full set for reference.

Work of Art

Create an artistic work in any medium depicting an interesting scene, setting, or character in "Patty Jane's House of Curl."

Film Casting


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