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Prologue and Part 1: Chapters 1-2

• Nora recalls her mother sitting at a drugstore counter, flirting with a man.

• Nora thinks about her father who disappeared before she was born. She wonders what it will be like when he returns.

• Thor Rolvaag was born to Norwegian immigrants. His father died in an accident when he was small and he was raised by his mother, Ione.

• Patty Jane's alcoholic parents died when she was a teenager. She and her sister Harriet were in the care of an aunt until they could support themselves.

• Patty Jane and Thor marry.

• Patty Jane announces that she is pregnant the morning after their marriage.

• A man in a new car, Avel Ames, pulls up to Harriet and invites her for a picnic.

• Avel is the male heir to Ames Grains.

• Avel proposes to Harriet. As an engagement gift he pays her tuition to music...

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