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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the woman's mouth compared to in "The Desire to Paint"?
(a) A star.
(b) A cloud.
(c) A cake.
(d) A flower.

2. In "Mademoiselle Bistouri", what does the woman ask the man?
(a) If he can give her directions.
(b) If he is a doctor.
(c) If he knows the time.
(d) If they have met before.

3. Why does the first beautiful woman die young in "Which is the Real One?"
(a) Because of her beauty.
(b) Because of an accident.
(c) Because she was beaten.
(d) Because of an illness.

4. When Dorothy goes to the shore in "Beautiful Dorothy", what does the narrator wonder?
(a) If she is going swimming.
(b) If she is meeting someone.
(c) If she is lonely.
(d) If she is wasting time.

5. What happens when the man shoots in "The Gallant Marksman"?
(a) All his shots go wild.
(b) He hits the target half of the time.
(c) He hits the target every time.
(d) He is too afraid to shoot.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is the thoroughbred described in "A Thoroughbred"?

2. How does the man in "Counterfeit Money" learn that his friend has counterfeit coins?

3. In "The Eyes of the Poor", what does the narrator first say to the woman?

4. In "Which is the Real One?", why are the first beautiful woman's eyes wide?

5. Where does the man walk in "Plans"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the complaints the men in "Portraits of Mistresses" have about their mistresses?

2. How does the man feel when he discovers his friend has counterfeit coins in "Counterfeit Money"?

3. In "A Heroic Death", why is Fancioulle's life at risk?

4. Why does Baudelaire say people should always be drunk in "Get Yourself Drunk"?

5. In "Portraits of Mistresses", how do the men feel about having mistresses?

6. In "The Firing Range and the Graveyard", what happens to the man when he enters the graveyard?

7. In "Which is the Real One/", what is the man's curse?

8. What does the fourth boy in "Vocations" tell the others?

9. What does the Devil promise the narrator of "The Generous Gambler"?

10. What is the harm of the Moon blessing children in "The Favors of the Moon"?

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