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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Mademoiselle Bistouri", what does the woman ask the man?
(a) If he can give her directions.
(b) If they have met before.
(c) If he is a doctor.
(d) If he knows the time.

2. What do most of the passengers on the boat in "Already!" say when they see land?
(a) It's true.
(b) Already.
(c) Finally.
(d) What?

3. In "A Heroic Death", why does the Prince want to save Fancioulle's life?
(a) Because he is so young.
(b) Because he knows he is innocent.
(c) Because of his performance at court.
(d) Because his lord tricked him.

4. Because of the Moon's actions in "The Favors of the Moon", what happens to the child's skin?
(a) It starts to sparkle.
(b) It has a yellow tint.
(c) It is covered with freckles.
(d) It becomes pale.

5. What does the poet say about being drunk in "Get Yourself Drunk"?
(a) Drinking should be reserved for the wealthy.
(b) People should always be drunk.
(c) People should avoid drinking.
(d) People need to help others get drunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the poet say lurks at night in "The Desire to Paint"?

2. How does the man's wife in "The Gallant Marksman" react to his shooting?

3. In "Mademoiselle Bistouri", what does the woman have hanging on her walls?

4. In "Beautiful Dorothy", why is Dorothy saving money?

5. In "Solitude", what does the journalist ask the poet about sharing?

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