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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Portraits of Mistresses", what does the Prince's bastard child often say?
(a) Where she plans to travel.
(b) How she would spend her money if she had any.
(c) Why she is right about everything.
(d) What would be different if she were a man.

2. In "A Thoroughbred", how does the thoroughbred learn her lessons?
(a) From a man.
(b) From no one.
(c) From the stars.
(d) From reality.

3. Why does the narrator of "The Mirror" question the man looking into a mirror?
(a) Because the mirror is not his.
(b) Because it is raining and he is outside.
(c) Because he is not smiling at himself.
(d) Because he is ugly.

4. Why does the narrator of "Mademoiselle Bistouri" ask the woman questions?
(a) To kill time.
(b) To make her feel better.
(c) To understand her obsession.
(d) To seem interested in her.

5. How does the man in "Counterfeit Money" learn that his friend has counterfeit coins?
(a) When his wife gets mad.
(b) When he tries to trade coins.
(c) When he gives some to a beggar.
(d) When he is arrested.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the one gentleman in "Portraits of Mistresses" say he feels about finding flaws with mistresses?

2. In "The Gallant Marksman", what does the man attribute his shooting skills to?

3. In "Windows", how does Baudelaire say he feels about the legend?

4. How does the second beautiful woman in "Which is the Real One?" feel when she sees the narrator?

5. Who begins sending the artist letters after the child's death in "The Rope"?

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