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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Which is the Real One?", what does the first beautiful woman's casket look like?
(a) A basket.
(b) A couch.
(c) A treasure chest.
(d) A shiny dome.

2. In "The Eyes of the Poor", what does the narrator first say to the woman?
(a) That she is late.
(b) That he will not yell at her.
(c) That she is not beautiful any longer.
(d) That he hates her.

3. What does the poet say is negative in the Moon's interactions with children in "The Favors of the Moon"?
(a) It is unfair to others.
(b) It breaks the laws of science.
(c) It causes ill health.
(d) It creates lunatics.

4. In "Solitude", what does the journalist ask the poet about sharing?
(a) If solitude protects him from sharing.
(b) If he feels the need to share joy.
(c) If he shares his money with the needy.
(d) If he can define the word.

5. In "Mademoiselle Bistouri", what does the woman have hanging on her walls?
(a) Tapestries.
(b) Portraits.
(c) Awards.
(d) Photographs.

6. Where does the man walk in "Plans"?
(a) Through a small village.
(b) Over a bridge.
(c) In a park.
(d) In a city.

7. How does the second beautiful woman in "Which is the Real One?" feel when she sees the narrator?
(a) She is confused.
(b) She is angry.
(c) She is frightened.
(d) She is happy.

8. In "The Soup and the Clouds", what does the man call his wife?
(a) Little wonder.
(b) Little maniac.
(c) Little fool.
(d) Little magician.

9. How is the woman as a painting subject described in "The Desire to Paint"?
(a) A sleeping bear.
(b) A black star.
(c) A troubled face.
(d) A large void.

10. What type of moon is the woman in "The Desire to Paint" compared to?
(a) Waxing moon.
(b) Waning moon.
(c) New moon.
(d) Full moon.

11. In "Beautiful Dorothy", what are the other people doing while Dorothy goes to the shore?
(a) Taking naps.
(b) Eating lunch.
(c) Sailing boats.
(d) Working.

12. How does the man's wife in "The Gallant Marksman" react to his shooting?
(a) She laughs.
(b) She claps.
(c) She will not watch.
(d) She criticizes his technique.

13. In "The Port", who is described as leaving the port?
(a) The troubled.
(b) The adventurous.
(c) The young.
(d) The weary.

14. How does the one gentleman in "Portraits of Mistresses" say he feels about finding flaws with mistresses?
(a) Entertained, because they are funny flaws.
(b) Confused, because he has not had a mistress.
(c) Angry, because they are nice women.
(d) Jealous, because he wants to be able to.

15. In "The Soup and the Clouds", how does the man's wife break his daydream?
(a) She calls for him.
(b) She falls asleep.
(c) She gives him soup.
(d) She hits him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the first beautiful woman die young in "Which is the Real One?"

2. In "The Port", who is described as coming into the port?

3. In "Counterfeit Money", what does the man call his friend's stupidity?

4. In "Loss of a Halo", who is imagined to have picked up a halo?

5. What does Baudelaire say happens when he watches the poor old woman in "Windows"?

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