Paris Spleen, 1869 Character Descriptions

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Charles Baudelaireappears in Paris Spleen - This person attempts to mimic Aloysius Bertrand's "Gaspard of the Night".

Raymond N MacKenzieappears in Introduction - This person is a professor of English Literature.

Fancioulleappears in A Heroic Death - This character is a jester who is favored in the court.

The Princeappears in A Heroic Death - This character faces charges that his favorite actor was in conspiracy to form a rebellion against him.

The Old Mountebankappears in The Old Mountebank - This person is a poor old man in a ragged hut that sits at the outskirts of a busy market.

Dorothyappears in Beautiful Dorothy - This character is a bold and beautiful woman who is saving money to rescue her sister.

Felineappears in The Clock - This person has green eyes that help the poet tell the time.

The Old Womanappears in The Old Woman's Despair -...

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