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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advantage does Satan have in hell?
(a) Control
(b) Friends
(c) Unity
(d) Fire

2. Why does Satan decide to stay in hell?
(a) So he he has a place to invite the fallen angels
(b) So he can reign as master
(c) So he can make evil plans undisturbed
(d) So he can relax

3. Wo hears Satan's army approach?
(a) Zophiel
(b) Uriel
(c) Michael
(d) Raphael

4. How many days did it take for Satan to finally speak to Beezlebub?
(a) Eleven days
(b) Nine days
(c) Two days
(d) Fiifteen days

5. Where does Abdiel travel back to after leaving Satan?
(a) The Mount of God
(b) Gabriel's palce
(c) Raphael's mud hut
(d) The Lake of Fire

Short Answer Questions

1. What does God feel when he looks down on Adam and Eve in this chapter?

2. To where does Uriel direct Satan?

3. What does the Son of God need to be made into in order to act as a sacrifice?

4. What can the spirits not find in hell?

5. What does man have that allows him to make a decision between good and evil?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way are angels similar to humans?

2. How does Uriel recognize Satan as an evil spirit?

3. What theme does the Son of God's sacrifice introduce?

4. How does the serpent persuade Eve to eat from the tree?

5. How can the Son of God defeat evil?

6. How do the spirits of Hell amuse themselves while Satan is away?

7. How do Satan's followers meet his announcement that they have destroyed God's creation?

8. Why does Adam still feel hope?

9. Describe the doubts that Satan has in Book 4.

10. How does God create another world?

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