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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what tree does the serpent lead Eve?
(a) The tree of fun
(b) The tree of love
(c) The tree of sin
(d) The tree of knowledge

2. From whom does Eve prefer to learn?
(a) Mother Nature
(b) Adam
(c) God
(d) The angels

3. Why is woman inferior to man?
(a) She is a simpler creature.
(b) She is made from a rib.
(c) She bears less resemblance to God.
(d) She cannot speak.

4. Whose help does the author go to for to continue the story?
(a) Uriel
(b) God
(c) Urania
(d) Satan

5. After whose image has Eve been fashioned?
(a) Satan
(b) The angels
(c) Man
(d) God

6. Into what have Satan's followers been transformed?
(a) Hedgehogs
(b) Pigs
(c) Cows
(d) Serpents

7. Where do Moses and Aaron find their new nation?
(a) Israel
(b) Egypt
(c) Canaan
(d) Persia

8. Why does Michael say the tyrant will build a tower?
(a) To be all seeing
(b) To gain lasting fame
(c) To climb to heaven
(d) To be live above man

9. What rescues the man from being killed in the war?
(a) A cloud
(b) A child
(c) A bolt of lightning
(d) A whirlwind

10. What is God's final creation?
(a) Apes
(b) Man
(c) Air
(d) Trees

11. Why did God send Raphael to Hell while he created earth?
(a) To hold talks with Satan
(b) To punish him
(c) To find himself a wife
(d) To make sure no one escaped

12. Who does God order to drive man out of paradise?
(a) Michael
(b) Uriel
(c) Raphael
(d) Gabriel

13. What punishment does God give Eve?
(a) Pain in childbirth
(b) A constant headache
(c) The loss of her beauty
(d) The inability to love

14. What will God promise Abraham?
(a) Children
(b) A beautiful wife
(c) Land
(d) Eternal peace

15. With what does Raphael say the Son of God goes forward?
(a) Love
(b) Peace
(c) The Word
(d) Abandon

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does the serpent give for God not allowing Eve to eat from the tree?

2. What will God curse to gain revenge on the tyrant and his followers?

3. What was the first thing Adam asked the animals?

4. What does God do on the seventh day?

5. What story does Adam now ask Raphael to tell?

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