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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does God say Satan will pervert mankind?
(a) His lies
(b) His ugliness
(c) His sin
(d) His soul

2. Abdiel say the ruler should be chosen by _________.
(a) God
(b) The angels
(c) Everyone
(d) Wisest of men

3. What does Michael cause Satan to experience for the first time?
(a) Goodness
(b) Pain
(c) Evil
(d) Love

4. What is the name of the male creature?
(a) Gabriel
(b) Michael
(c) Leonard
(d) Death

5. What is Satan trying to find at the end of the book?
(a) The lake of fire
(b) The newly created world
(c) The Son of God
(d) Sin

6. What instrument signals the start of the war?
(a) A triangle
(b) A drum
(c) A trumpet
(d) A harp

7. Which two characters fight in this chapter?
(a) Satan and Raphael
(b) Michael and Satan
(c) Mammon and Gabriel
(d) Uriel and Abdiel

8. Eden reminds Satan of ___________.
(a) His parents
(b) The best day of his life
(c) Who he once was
(d) His idea of Hell

9. What resources do Satan and his followers possess to make the machines?
(a) Tools and a workshop
(b) Petrol and steel
(c) Iron and vegetables
(d) Oil and minerals

10. How is Sin related to Satan?
(a) His niece
(b) His daughter
(c) His cousin
(d) His mother

11. Why was Satan cast out of heaven?
(a) For trying to kill God
(b) For causing a war
(c) For stealing
(d) For treachery

12. Who is the last fallen angel to stand at the meeting?
(a) Beelzebub
(b) Belial
(c) Mammon
(d) Moloch

13. Why is Satan so touched by his followers?
(a) They unveil a statue of him.
(b) His followers are now damned for his sake.
(c) They chant his name.
(d) They have travelled a long way.

14. For what does Satan say he is fighting?
(a) Freedom from servility
(b) Leadership
(c) Democracy
(d) The right for free speech

15. What does Satan pretend when he sets up his kingdom in the north?
(a) He is a king.
(b) Life in the north is better.
(c) He is God's equal.
(d) He is the ruler of heaven.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many times does Satan try to speak?

2. Into whose ear does Satan whisper?

3. What reason does Satan give for wanting to find the new world?

4. How do Adam and Eve begin the day?

5. What is the name of Satan's palace?

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