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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What instrument signals the start of the war?
(a) A trumpet
(b) A drum
(c) A harp
(d) A triangle

2. Who already lives in Paradise?
(a) Adam
(b) Gabriel
(c) Eve
(d) Mary

3. Why does the son of God need to be turned into a man?
(a) So he can be conquered by death
(b) So he can have a normal life
(c) So he can have the same feelings
(d) So people can relate to him

4. Who guards the gates of hell?
(a) Jesus
(b) Gabriel and Michael
(c) A male and female monster
(d) God

5. For whom has God saved victory ?
(a) His Son
(b) Himself
(c) Michael
(d) Gabriel

6. What will the chosen one do to save mankind?
(a) Lead them to paradise
(b) Kill Satan
(c) Sacrifice himself
(d) Show them peace and understanding

7. What has God limited so the armies cannot cause too much destruction?
(a) The armies' power and numbers
(b) Crowd participation
(c) The space in which they can fight
(d) Food and water

8. What does Satan say he hates?
(a) Heaven
(b) The sun
(c) God
(d) The moon

9. For what does God praise Abdiel?
(a) His faithfulness
(b) His mental strength
(c) His humor
(d) His treachory

10. What is the story meant to explore?
(a) That life is not easy
(b) Good and evil
(c) God's will to men
(d) Satan's evil

11. What does Uriel recognize Satan as?
(a) An old friend
(b) An evil spirit
(c) A Cherub
(d) A unhappy person

12. What advantage does Satan have in hell?
(a) Unity
(b) Fire
(c) Control
(d) Friends

13. How does God say his son will be made flesh?
(a) Through the seeds of a virgin
(b) Through the seed of an acorn
(c) Through jumping off the edge of heaven
(d) Through spending a day in hell

14. Where does Satan set up a new kingdom?
(a) In the east
(b) In the north
(c) In the south
(d) In the west

15. Who volunteers to create havoc to God's new creation?
(a) Moloch
(b) Beelzebub
(c) Satan
(d) Mammon

Short Answer Questions

1. What does man have that allows him to make a decision between good and evil?

2. Which two characters fight in this chapter?

3. Eating from the tree of knowledge would make Adam and Eve equal to ____________.

4. Who does Raphael say Satan now envies?

5. Who stands guard at the newly created world?

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