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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who leads the building of Satan's palace?
(a) Isis
(b) Dagon
(c) Moloch
(d) Mammon

2. What can the spirits not find in hell?
(a) A place to rest
(b) Food
(c) A place to enjoy one self
(d) A place to build houses

3. What does Adam promise never to forget?
(a) That he owes God a favor
(b) His love and obedience to God
(c) His responsibilty to mankind
(d) Raphael's story

4. What is the name of the trumpet that is sounded?
(a) The trumpet of God
(b) The trumpet of wrath
(c) The trumpet of war
(d) The trumpet of luck

5. Eating from the tree of knowledge would make Adam and Eve equal to ____________.
(a) Stan
(b) The angels
(c) The animals
(d) The gods

6. What reason does Satan give for wanting to find the new world?
(a) He wants to destroy it.
(b) He wants to take some samples.
(c) He wants to admire it.
(d) He wants to praise it.

7. What is the name of the female monster?
(a) Evil
(b) Sloth
(c) Laura
(d) Sin

8. Where does Satan want to send Adam and Eve?
(a) Hell
(b) Heaven
(c) Earth
(d) The moon

9. What do Adam and Eve have to do to dwell in heaven and paradise?
(a) Remain obedient
(b) Worship God everyday
(c) Remain virgins
(d) Do the gardening

10. What is the name of Satan's palace?
(a) Mammon
(b) Pandemonium
(c) Lake of Fire
(d) Moloch

11. What kind of war does Moloch advise?
(a) Covert war
(b) Open war
(c) A bloody war
(d) Closed war

12. What does the Son of God need to be made into in order to act as a sacrifice?
(a) A monster
(b) A demon
(c) A woman
(d) A man

13. Who already lives in Paradise?
(a) Adam
(b) Eve
(c) Mary
(d) Gabriel

14. What does Abdiel call Satan?
(a) Fair, but hard
(b) Beautifully evil
(c) Proud and blasphemous
(d) Honorable and great

15. What does Satan say he hates?
(a) The sun
(b) Heaven
(c) The moon
(d) God

Short Answer Questions

1. What resources do Satan and his followers possess to make the machines?

2. What are Adam and Eve wearing?

3. With what does God say Satan will pervert mankind?

4. What stops Satan from speaking?

5. To where do Satan and Beelzebub fly?

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