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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Satan say is the only thing that Heaven has?
(a) Paper and water
(b) Clouds and rain
(c) Plants and flowers
(d) Peace and understanding

2. What resources do Satan and his followers possess to make the machines?
(a) Tools and a workshop
(b) Oil and minerals
(c) Iron and vegetables
(d) Petrol and steel

3. How many days did it take for Satan to finally speak to Beezlebub?
(a) Eleven days
(b) Fiifteen days
(c) Two days
(d) Nine days

4. With whom does Satan say people will have equal favor?
(a) Animals
(b) Satan
(c) Angels
(d) Demons

5. To where do Satan and Beelzebub fly?
(a) A jungle
(b) The shore
(c) An islet
(d) Paradise

6. What does God say is more difficult to bear than violence?
(a) Satan's lies and deceit
(b) Satan's physical appearance
(c) Satan's humor
(d) Satan's reproach and derision

7. What is the the Son of God's real name?
(a) Jesus
(b) Messiah
(c) Frank
(d) Pontius

8. For what does God praise Abdiel?
(a) His faithfulness
(b) His humor
(c) His mental strength
(d) His treachory

9. What is the name of the male creature?
(a) Death
(b) Leonard
(c) Gabriel
(d) Michael

10. What stops Satan from speaking?
(a) The noise of the crowd
(b) His tears
(c) God's voice
(d) A sore throat

11. What two people does Satan see in the garden?
(a) Gabriel and Michael
(b) God and his son
(c) Adam and Eve
(d) Sin and Death

12. What is the name of the trumpet that is sounded?
(a) The trumpet of luck
(b) The trumpet of God
(c) The trumpet of war
(d) The trumpet of wrath

13. To where does Uriel direct Satan?
(a) Paradise
(b) Montanna
(c) A palace
(d) Eden

14. What kind of war does Moloch advise?
(a) Closed war
(b) A bloody war
(c) Covert war
(d) Open war

15. Who is the only one of Satan's followers who disagrees?
(a) Gabriel
(b) Abdiel
(c) Raphael
(d) Mammon

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Adam and Eve have to do to dwell in heaven and paradise?

2. Whose assistance does the narrator ask for in the retelling of the story?

3. What is the name of Satan's second in command?

4. Into whose ear does Satan whisper?

5. Who does Gabriel instruct to find the evil spirit?

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