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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what does God say Satan will pervert mankind?
(a) His lies
(b) His ugliness
(c) His soul
(d) His sin

2. Who stands guard at the newly created world?
(a) Archangel Michael
(b) Archangel Gabriel
(c) Archangel Lucas
(d) Archangel Uriel

3. What has God limited so the armies cannot cause too much destruction?
(a) The armies' power and numbers
(b) Crowd participation
(c) The space in which they can fight
(d) Food and water

4. How does the serpent claim he gained the gift of speech?
(a) By doing as God says
(b) By eating the forbidding fruit
(c) By listening to Adam and Eve
(d) By studying hard

5. What does Messiah drive to the battle?
(a) A unicorn
(b) A jet ski
(c) A cloud
(d) A chariot

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose fault will it be if man gives in to Satan?

2. Which two characters fight in this chapter?

3. What instrument signals the start of the war?

4. Which of Satan's followers suggests they increase their power with machines?

5. What does Satan change himself into when Uriel approaches?

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