Paradise Lost Character Descriptions

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Abdiel - A seraph who, though originally one of Lucifer's legions in Heaven, remains faithful to God.

Adam - The distinction between him, the only man in the garden, and the other living creatures, the animals, heightens our perception of his uniqueness as beings created in the image of God.

The Arch-Enemy - See Satan

Beelzebub - He is the first devil to awaken from his stupor on the fiery lake and is thus the audience for Satan's opening speech (1.84-124). He is associated with light, or rather, lost light, for Satan's address to him is the first indication of how far they have fallen, and how much they have changed. It is appropriate that he, the first to join in Satan's plans for rebellion in Heaven, is the first to respond to his exhortations in Hell.

Belial - The fallen angel who speaks second at the...

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