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Book 1

• The narrator invokes the Heavenly Muse to assist him in telling the story of the fall of man.

• Satan is cast out of Heaven for stirring up rebel angels to make war on God.

• Having lost the war, Satan is hurled down from Heaven and imprisoned. The prison is Hell

• Satan assures Beelzebub that, although they are weak and miserable, they can still thwart God by doing evil.

• Satan raises his monstrous form from the lake of fire and flies to the shore. Beelzebub follows him.

• Satan, with his shield and spear, goes to the bank and calls to his legions. Satan calls to them to awaken and rise, saying that if they continue to lie there, Heaven will press its advantage and tread them down further.
• The Satan's fallen angels respond to their ruler's call and spring up in an innumerable multitude.

• Satan reminds his followers...

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