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Diana Gabaldon
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which object does the box of Jamie's personal effects, brought by the prison employee in Part 7, Chapter 35, NOT contain?

2. Whose shirt is Jamie wearing in Part 7, Chapter 37?

3. What is the scent that bothers Jamie so much in Part 7, Chapter 38?

4. According to Murtagh's story in Part 7, Chapter 36, who once killed a boar with a dagger?

5. At the end of Part 5, Chapter 30, what word does Jamie use to describe how he feels after having drunk with Ian?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Jenny tells the others, what did she do when she realized that Captain Randall was unable to rape her?

2. In Part 7, Chapter 40, when Jamie continues his story of what happened between Captain Randall and him, what does he say Randall wanted?

3. As Jamie tells Claire in Part 7, Chapter 41, why did he ask her to let him die in the immediate aftermath of his escape from Wentworth Prison?

4. What does Claire want Father Anselm to do for her, and how does he react?

5. According to Jenny, why do men make love to women?

6. What does Jamie do with the knife he requests in Part 7, Chapter 36?

7. Why did the Watch not kill Ian when they captured Jamie?

8. Where does Jamie want to go when he mentions his plans to leave Lallybroch on an errand in Part 5, Chapter 28, and why?

9. In Part 5, Chapter 27, what is the reason Jamie gives Claire for having married her?

10. When Claire first finds Jamie in Part 7, Chapter 35, why does he look so haggard despite apparently not having been beaten?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Colum and Dougal Mackenzie present a fascinating image of the dual leadership of a clan. What responsibilities does each brother have, and who do you think ultimately makes the more convincing leader? Describe each character in as much detail as you can, and then explain his behavior through the lens of those character sketches.

Essay Topic 2

What happens in the scene in which Claire pretends to be Captain Randall in order to exorcise the terror from Jamie? Is she successful? How much does she endanger herself in those moments? Do you think the scene makes sense within the rest of the novel and within Claire's character?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Claire's behavior as a woman in the 1940s and in the 1740s. In which setting does she appear more competent? In which setting does she appear more at ease or more natural? Do you think she adapts easily to a new culture, or does she continue to make cultural errors throughout the novel?

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