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Diana Gabaldon
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Short Answer Questions

1. Claire realizes that which character has also arrived in the eighteenth century from a different time?

2. Captain Randall's speech carries the accent of which geographical area?

3. According to Dougal's story of Jamie's flogging, what did Jamie steal immediately before he attempted to escape Captain Randall and his garrison?

4. What is the name of the fearsome stallion that is too wild to be ridden?

5. When the men and Claire leave the castle to collect rent from the surrounding lands in Part 3, Chapter 11, who is the leader of the group?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Claire react when she feels the baby moving in Jenny's belly?

2. How do Claire and her group get Jamie out of prison?

3. In Part 3, Chapter 17, why does Jamie cross himself when the plover flies away?

4. Describe the normal events of the Gathering.

5. Describe the Scottish women's early morning ritual on the hill, as Claire observes it in Part 1, Chapter 2.

6. Describe Jamie's home.

7. What does Jamie do with the knife he requests in Part 7, Chapter 36?

8. What happened when Jamie told his father that corporal punishment was "barbarous"?

9. According to the man whom Jenny questions, how did Jamie escape the Watch?

10. Why does Jamie feel so dirty and unable to touch Claire?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Although Mrs. MacNab only appears in two chapters, she serves as a highly effective foil to the Redcoats' menacing potential, but also as the reason Jamie is betrayed by his own clansman. Describe the role of Mrs. MacNab in the story. How would the plot have floundered or have turned out differently without her?

Essay Topic 2

Jenny's pregnancy provides the opportunity for an extended use of metaphor in Chapter 30. Describe the author's use of metaphor and its strategical importance in describing an abstract concept. Do you think Jenny could have described pregnancy to her male listeners without using metaphor? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Remember the minor incident of Frank's seeing the ghost in Chapter 1. Does the scene make sense in light of the rest of the novel, or did the author simply introduce an event and then abandon it? Interpret the scene using your best literary-critical know-how.

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