Outlander Fun Activities

Diana Gabaldon
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Salted Herring

At the beginning of the novel, Claire mentions have eaten more salted herring than she cares to remember. Bring some salted herring to class, and give everyone a taste. Do you think you could eat this every day for a prolonged period?


Claire disappears through a grouping of rocks used in ancient worship rituals. Such groups of rocks are often called henges, the most famous of which is Stone Henge. Briefly research their origins and purpose, and share your findings with the class.

Medicinal Herbs

After Claire is transported back to the 1740s, she has to practice medicine using herbs and salves rather than using modern antibiotics, anesthetics, and other medical developments. Choose a few of the medicinal herbs that the novel mentions and look up their uses and effects.


Make a Power Point presentation that shows the various eighteenth-century weaponry used in the...

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