Outlander Character Descriptions

Diana Gabaldon
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Claire Randall

This character, the protagonist of the novel and a World War II nurse, accidentally travels back in time to eighteenth-century Scotland.

Jamie Fraser

This character marries the protagonist of the novel. This character is a strong, highly competent soldier on the run from the British army and seeking protection with the Mackenzie clan.

Frank Randall

This character is the protagonist's original spouse before the protagonist travels back in time. This character spends much time investigating genealogies---a hobby the protagonist tolerates, but does not share.

Jonathan Randall

This character is the villain of the novel. This character, a leader in the English army, tortures and rapes prisoners before sending them to their deaths.

Colum MacKenzie

This character has a disease making him short in stature and sterile. The other characters in the novel do not expect him to live a normal lifespan.

Dougal MacKenzie

This character leads...

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