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Kate Walbert
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Don given Viv just the week before?
(a) A ring
(b) Chocolates
(c) A car
(d) Flowers

2. Where does Viv take any further classes?
(a) Princeton
(b) The community college
(c) Yale
(d) Harvard

3. How did her mentors learn that Viv was leaving school?
(a) She moved out of her apartment
(b) She withdrew her application for a graduate scholarship
(c) She moved back home
(d) She sent them a letter

4. What happens to Professor Dipple?
(a) He retires
(b) He goes into research
(c) He becomes a university president
(d) He dies

5. What do the women pause to look at as they leave the hospice?
(a) A flock of birds
(b) A plaque
(c) A rose garden
(d) A fountain

Short Answer Questions

1. What news had Viv once given Professor Dipple and Cilla Whitney that displeased them?

2. With all the women, the beginning of the end came ____________________________.

3. Where is the establishment in #91 located?

4. Which one of the book club members dies overnight?

5. What stops the line-up of babies from crying?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why will the women spend Christmas at the hospice?

2. What do the women mean about the beginning of the end?

3. Describe the scenario of Louise's photo shoot and the reactions of the other women present.

4. What is the setting for this section?

5. How does the author exhibit the circle of life in this section?

6. Who is the popular child-rearing expert whose advice the women closely follow?

7. What does Louise share about Him trying to escape from the Center?

8. How does the group meeting at the hospice end on this day?

9. Explain the metaphor of the fox and the foxhunt.

10. What do the women worry about regarding Him and their daughters?

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