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Kate Walbert
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the group do at midnight?
(a) Went to a male strip club
(b) Toasted the new year
(c) Scattered ashes of Barbara's daughter
(d) Went out for burgers

2. Which two women are the lesbians in the group?
(a) Carmen and Mimi
(b) Carmen and Suzie
(c) Carmen and Louise
(d) Canoe and Suzie

3. What topic do the women discuss as the evening progresses?
(a) Orgasms
(b) New cars
(c) Credit cards
(d) Cruises

4. What do Carmen and Suzie do at the party?
(a) Hold hands under a blanket
(b) Mix drinks
(c) Sing karaoke
(d) Dance disco dances

5. At whose home does the group gather?
(a) Canoe
(b) Louise
(c) Evelyn
(d) Sandy

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Barbara's ex-husband?

2. What type of art did Walter do?

3. How did Barbara's daughter, Megan, die?

4. What does Esther drink at the party?

5. What stone objects sit on the mantel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What truth is revealed about Gay's ex-husband's homosexuality?

2. What does Carmen share about the goose eggs and nest she found?

3. What plan is Pips Phelp leading at the Club?

4. Describe the practice intervention.

5. What had the women done today that made it such a sad one?

6. Compare and contrast Walter with Him.

7. What is the story that Canoe shares about Teddy Roosevelt?

8. How do Esther's friends react to her lunch invitation?

9. Explain the symbolism of the destruction of the goose eggs.

10. Why is Megan's death particularly sad?

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