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Kate Walbert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is at the center of the intervention?
(a) Canoe
(b) Him
(c) Mandy
(d) Louise

2. When does Bambi begin her breaks for freedom?
(a) January 1975
(b) January 2009
(c) January 2000
(d) January 1945

3. What does Canoe hope for regarding Remington Jackson?
(a) He is not married
(b) He is rich
(c) He has a great car
(d) He still has hair

4. What is Him's profession?
(a) Lawyer
(b) Realtor
(c) Accountant
(d) Professor

5. Where does Bambi sit as she waits for Remington to arrive?
(a) Her wheelchair
(b) A hammock
(c) A chaise
(d) A deck chair

6. Who is Barbara's ex-husband?
(a) Chip
(b) Martin
(c) Charlie
(d) Chase

7. What did the group do at midnight?
(a) Toasted the new year
(b) Went to a male strip club
(c) Went out for burgers
(d) Scattered ashes of Barbara's daughter

8. What time of year does the intervention take place?
(a) Spring
(b) Winter
(c) Fall
(d) Summer

9. Who takes the lead for the intervention?
(a) Louise
(b) Esther
(c) Canoe
(d) Sharon

10. What did Clark call Gay soon after their wedding?
(a) A limp fish
(b) Passionate
(c) Frigid
(d) A firecracker

11. Him can be characterized as a ___________.
(a) bastard
(b) saint
(c) rogue
(d) Boy Scout

12. How are the guests seated in Esther's dining room?
(a) Around a large table
(b) On bar stools
(c) At round tables
(d) In a row

13. Megan's death as a young girl and the smashing of the goose eggs is an example of which literary technique?
(a) Symbolism
(b) Simile
(c) Onomatopoeia
(d) Metaphor

14. What does Ricardo wear as he serves drinks for the evening?
(a) Tuxedo
(b) Pirate costume
(c) Khakis and polo shirt
(d) Speedo

15. Who did Him make feel beautiful after the death of her husband?
(a) Sandy
(b) Esther
(c) Canoe
(d) Louise

Short Answer Questions

1. Typically, Esther is a ___________________.

2. What is Bambi's profession?

3. What is Bambi attempting to locate at midnight?

4. At whose home does the group gather?

5. Which of the following is not a description of Pips?

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