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Kate Walbert
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the first of the women to dive into the pool in her underwear?
(a) Viv
(b) Canoe
(c) Barbara
(d) Louise

2. Which of the women is not present when Bambi attempts to call Remington Jackson?
(a) Barbara
(b) Viv
(c) Bambi
(d) Judy

3. What do the women call the point when their personal relationships take a turn for the worse?
(a) The point of no return
(b) The jumping off point
(c) Reverse strategy
(d) The beginning of the end

4. Why is Louise especially vulnerable right now?
(a) She lost her job
(b) Her youngest child has left home
(c) Her husband has recently died
(d) Her mother recently died

5. What did the group do at midnight?
(a) Went out for burgers
(b) Scattered ashes of Barbara's daughter
(c) Went to a male strip club
(d) Toasted the new year

6. What kind of shoes does Esther wear to greet her guests?
(a) Slippers
(b) Flip flops
(c) Mules
(d) None

7. How did Barbara feel about being a mother?
(a) Ambivalent
(b) Despondent
(c) Thrilled
(d) Satisfied

8. What type of art did Walter do?
(a) Light installations
(b) Oil painting
(c) Metal sculpting
(d) Watercolors

9. What is the name of Esther's dead husband?
(a) Walter
(b) Wayne
(c) Warren
(d) Wade

10. Which of the following is not common to the interventionists?
(a) Marriage in 1953
(b) Talents for racquet sports
(c) Divorce in 1976
(d) Master's degrees

11. Where do Bambi and her friends go shortly before Remington is scheduled to arrive?
(a) The country club
(b) The airport
(c) Starbucks
(d) Safeway

12. What does Esther wear behind her ears?
(a) Headband
(b) Dried flowers
(c) Barrettes
(d) Bobby pins

13. Him can be characterized as a ___________.
(a) saint
(b) rogue
(c) bastard
(d) Boy Scout

14. What do the women suspect of Gay's ex-husband, Clark?
(a) He is gay
(b) He is a thief
(c) He has illegitimate children
(d) He has had several affairs

15. Which of the following does Gay not attribute to the demise of her marriage?
(a) Too scared
(b) Too young
(c) Too ambitious
(d) Too frigid

Short Answer Questions

1. What experience does Carmen relate to the group?

2. How are the guests seated in Esther's dining room?

3. Who is the attorney who will help in the intervention?

4. When Esther's husband had been alive, the house had been a ______________________.

5. Walter's portrait hangs between _________________.

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