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Kate Walbert
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Come as You Were.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Barbara's daughter, Megan, die?
(a) She hanged herself
(b) In a car accident
(c) She was shot
(d) She had leukemia

2. What is the purpose of Canoe's party?
(a) To celebrate her birthday
(b) To toast the new year
(c) To remember June bride's days
(d) To kick off summer

3. At whose home do the interventionists find Him?
(a) Canoe
(b) Esther
(c) Miranda
(d) Louise

4. What type of establishment is the group ending its day in?
(a) Dinner theater
(b) Shopping mall
(c) Ball park
(d) Karaoke bar

5. What month is it when the group scatters the ashes?
(a) November
(b) March
(c) May
(d) June

Short Answer Questions

1. When Esther's husband had been alive, the house had been a ______________________.

2. At whose home does the group gather?

3. What issue does Pips Phelp address at the Club?

4. What did the group do at midnight?

5. What does Esther wear behind her ears?

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