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Kate Walbert
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Esther's Walter.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Walter's portrait hangs between _________________.
(a) two brass sconces
(b) two large windows
(c) two marble urns
(d) black silk drapes

2. What stone objects sit on the mantel?
(a) tigers
(b) elephants
(c) pineapples
(d) ships

3. Which of the following is not common to the interventionists?
(a) Talents for racquet sports
(b) Master's degrees
(c) Divorce in 1976
(d) Marriage in 1953

4. What do Esther's guests bring to her house?
(a) CDs
(b) Flowers
(c) Covered dishes
(d) Chairs

5. Who did Him make feel beautiful after the death of her husband?
(a) Louise
(b) Canoe
(c) Sandy
(d) Esther

Short Answer Questions

1. Typically, Esther is a ___________________.

2. Who is discovered to be naked and crouching in the maid's room of her house?

3. What is Him's profession?

4. What is the name of Esther's dead husband?

5. What do the women call the point when their personal relationships take a turn for the worse?

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