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Kate Walbert
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Bambi Breaks for Freedom.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Bambi attempting to locate at midnight?
(a) Chamomile tea
(b) Remington Jackson's phone number
(c) An extra blanket
(d) Tylenol PM

2. Where does the group meet for intervention practice?
(a) The Starbucks parking lot
(b) The Safeway parking lot
(c) The Big Lots parking lot
(d) The Walgreen's parking lot

3. What do the women call the point when their personal relationships take a turn for the worse?
(a) Reverse strategy
(b) The point of no return
(c) The beginning of the end
(d) The jumping off point

4. What is Bambi's profession?
(a) Editor
(b) Attorney
(c) Musician
(d) Professor

5. What do Esther's guests bring to her house?
(a) Chairs
(b) Flowers
(c) CDs
(d) Covered dishes

Short Answer Questions

1. Walter's portrait hangs between _________________.

2. How does Him evade the women?

3. What is the current condition of Esther Curran's house?

4. What does Esther wear behind her ears?

5. What kind of car does Him drive?

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