Objects & Places from Our Kind: A Novel in Stories

Kate Walbert
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Canoe's Swimming Pool

This location serves as a gathering place and lounging area.


This vehicle is a new leased, metallic BMW, the latest model, sporty and forest green, with blackened windows and a leather interior. The wheels are monogrammed, and the license plate reads SOLD.

Old Route 32

This is the rarely traveled road past Esther Curran's house.

The Club

This is the country club golf course and racquet sport courts and meeting area.

Safeway Parking Lot

The grocery location is used as gathering spot for intervention.

Pip's Buick

This vehicle has good-cheer stickers on its bumper and is used as a model for practicing intervention.

The Jeep

This vehicle has a carpeted floor and is used to regularly transport the group.

The Stone Barn

This location is a local lunch spot that serves Manhattan clam chowder and grilled cheese, which He orders.

Louise Cooper's House


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