Our Kind: A Novel in Stories Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kate Walbert
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The Intervention

• A group of women friends plans an intervention for a Realtor friend with an alcohol abuse problem.

• The women call this friend "Him" and he remains unnamed in the story.

• Him symbolizes all men who stalk women and use them for their own purposes.

• Him is a bit of a scoundrel in stark contrast to Pips Phelp, the attorney and family man helping with the intervention.

• Him has a level of familiarity with the women because he sells their houses and talks to them at vulnerable times in their lives.
• On the day of the planned intervention, the women track down Him at Louise's house and find Louise naked and crying in her room.

• The women chase Him as he escapes but do not catch up with him and the intervention is awkwardly postponed.

Esther's Walter

• Esther Curran's house used to be a showplace while her...

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