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Short Answer Questions

1. What incident occurs in the glassworks factory that causes it to close?

2. What does Lucinda think of Mr. Borradaile?

3. What does Mr. Smith force-feed Oscar to keep him quiet?

4. What does the steward do when he comes to deliver Lucinda's tea and sees Lucinda's lure?

5. When Lucinda is talking with Dennis in Chapter 62, what does she take on and off?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Describe Oscar's reaction to Lucinda's prototype. What kind of language does he use to express his opinion of it? How does his reaction help Lucinda understand something about her feelings for him?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Miriam Chadwick, the narrator's great grandmother. How did she take the opportunity presented to her by Dennis Hasset and become engaged to Oscar? What does she do when she realizes she has inherited a fortune? What does this suggest about her character?

Essay Topic 3

How did Oscar and Lucinda never come to fully express their love for each other? How did their misunderstandings and assumptions decide their fate?

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