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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mr. Jeffris hire a trumpeter?
(a) He is starting a jazz band.
(b) It is his favorite instrument.
(c) To wake him in the morning.
(d) To lead his expedition to glory.

2. How does Oscar describe the glassworks factory to Lucinda after he has chased her to her office?
(a) In bad repair.
(b) Smelly.
(c) Noisy.
(d) Splendid.

3. What does Lucinda long for when she is living again in Sydney after Dennis has left?
(a) A family.
(b) To have Mrs. Cousins visit.
(c) To go into the millinery trade.
(d) To travel back to London.

4. How much does Mr. Stratton plan to bet at the racetrack his first time there?
(a) One pound.
(b) Twenty pounds.
(c) One hundred quid.
(d) His entire life savings.

5. What does the steward do when he comes to deliver Lucinda's tea and sees Lucinda's lure?
(a) Averts his eyes and wishes her a good night.
(b) Sits down at the table.
(c) Asks Lucinda if he can borrow it.
(d) Walks boldly up to the lure and examines it.

6. When Oscar reveals his knowledge of gambling during Lucinda's confession, what does Lucinda say?
(a) "Don't say that!"
(b) "Mr. Hopkins, you're making me blush."
(c) "Mr. Hopkins, this is most improper."
(d) "Don't tell anyone."

7. After Easter, what does Lucinda advertise for?
(a) House painter.
(b) A female glassblower and partner.
(c) Construction worker.
(d) Lawyer.

8. What does Mrs. d'Abbs press into Oscar's hand when he and Lucinda leave her house after arguing with her husband?
(a) Banana.
(b) Orange.
(c) Flower.
(d) Letter.

9. Who do the Strattons run into on their way to the racetrack at Newton Abbot?
(a) Lucinda.
(b) Dennis.
(c) Theophilus.
(d) Oscar.

10. What did Oscar do to the cards when the wave crashed over the deck?
(a) Shuffled them without concern.
(b) Threw them across the room.
(c) Handed them to Lucinda.
(d) Threw them out the porthole.

11. When Lucinda and Oscar visit the glassworks factory, what do the men do?
(a) Grimace and shake their heads.
(b) Sing a welcome song.
(c) Scatter.
(d) Set off fireworks.

12. Who is Mrs. Judd?
(a) Nurse.
(b) Oscar's housekeeper.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Oscar's laundress.

13. How does Oscar decide about taking a job offer in Chapter 75?
(a) By praying.
(b) By meditating.
(c) By asking his father's advice.
(d) By flipping a coin.

14. What unresolved obligation does Oscar have at the beginning of Chapter 51?
(a) To send a letter to Stratton.
(b) To set up a gambler's anonymous hotline.
(c) Pay back a loan to his father.
(d) To hear Lucinda's confession.

15. What dream does Lucinda have but doesn't tell Oscar about in Chapter 77?
(a) To become a lawyer.
(b) To study medicine.
(c) To travel to Russia.
(d) To create a glass building.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mrs. Smith?

2. What does Lucinda say she envies about Oscar when they are dining out and discussing Oscar's idea of a glass church?

3. What does Lucinda wager in her bet with Oscar about delivering a glass church to Dennis?

4. What does Mr. Smith force-feed Oscar to keep him quiet?

5. Who makes a formal inquiry into Dennis' sermons?

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