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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What religion does Oscar believe he must follow in Chapter 9?
(a) Lutheran.
(b) Baptist.
(c) Catholic.
(d) Anglican.

2. Where is Oscar sitting when Lucinda talks with him on board the ship?
(a) Red-velvet settee.
(b) In the bathtub.
(c) Lounge chair.
(d) On the sun deck.

3. What does Theophilus ask Mrs. Williams to do after Oscar runs away?
(a) Kneel and pray.
(b) Pack away Oscar's belongings.
(c) Take over Oscar's chores.
(d) Travel to the city for supplies.

4. What does Melody think about Theophilus?
(a) He intrigues her.
(b) He is interesting.
(c) He makes her skin crawl.
(d) She finds him fascinating.

5. How far away is the church the narrator's family attends?
(a) Four miles.
(b) One mile.
(c) Two miles.
(d) Ten miles.

6. What is Lucinda's state of mind when she first arrives on the ship?
(a) Lonely.
(b) Happy.
(c) Joyful.
(d) Excited.

7. Why can't Mrs. Stratton have an official position in the Anglican church?
(a) She would have to give up her well-paying job.
(b) She's a woman and is not allowed to.
(c) Her husband has been made a bishop.
(d) Her husband is too powerful.

8. How old is Oscar when he leaves his father's home?
(a) Nearly sixteen.
(b) Thirteen.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Eighteen.

9. What is the name of the church that the narrator and his family go to each Sunday?
(a) St. Mary's.
(b) Assumption Church.
(c) St. John's.
(d) Three River Church.

10. What does Mr. Stratton call Oscar at the end of Chapter 30?
(a) A devious person.
(b) A fool.
(c) A good boy.
(d) Naive.

11. What does Lucinda mainly remember about her mother?
(a) Her sweetness.
(b) Her fine cooking.
(c) Her bitterness and anger.
(d) Her conservative clothing.

12. What kind of factory is for sale when Lucinda arrives in Sydney?
(a) Glassworks factory.
(b) Automobile factory.
(c) Machine parts factory.
(d) Cheesecake factory.

13. When Reverend Stratton suggests that Theophilus should help with Oscar's education expenses, what does Theophilus say?
(a) He will give him one year's tuition.
(b) He makes Oscar get a loan.
(c) He is happy to help.
(d) Going to Oriel will place him in everlasting hell.

14. What does Lucinda steal from the boat and place on the hotel counter in Sydney?
(a) Apples.
(b) Cauliflower.
(c) Tomato.
(d) Cucumber.

15. Why did the narrator's mother take the wire from the fuse in Chapter 2?
(a) To fix a broken chain.
(b) To create a bracelet.
(c) To make an Advent wreath.
(d) To hang a picture.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ian Wardley-Fish teach Oscar to do?

2. What local gossip does Theophilus repeat about the inscriptions along the path?

3. Who earns a sixpence a week?

4. What does Lucinda ask of Oscar the first time she talks with him?

5. Why does Ian Wardley-Fish like Oscar?

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