Oscar and Lucinda Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Is the narrator's mother dedicated to the Church of St. John's?

Yes, the narrator's mother is very dedicated to St. John's. She is proud of her ancestor, Reverend Oscar Hopkins, and the fact that he moved a glass church to Gleniffer. She made the family travel the twenty miles round trip to attend services at this church. She embarrasses the narrator when she tells the story of the church to visiting Bishops and when she is loud and showy in her reverence during services.

2. What happened when Oscar ate the Christmas pudding?

Oscar's father, Theophilus, does not celebrate Christmas, which he considers a pagan holiday. When Oscar eats a bite of forbidden Christmas pudding that the cook made, Theophilus comes into the kitchen and hits Oscar on the head and cups his hand under Oscar's mouth until he spits out the pudding. He forces him to drink salt water until he vomits.

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