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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of ritual do the males perform each morning?
(a) Mating.
(b) Urination.
(c) Singing.
(d) Killing animals.

2. What does Snowman do as he leaves the village of the Crakers?
(a) He stumbles often.
(b) He cries.
(c) He is able to remember things better.
(d) He feels more hungry.

3. What does the reader know that Crake has ruled in Chapter 1?
(a) Every name must end in a certain letter.
(b) Every name must not have a physical equivalent.
(c) Every name must have a literal equivalent.
(d) Every name must represent a person that Oryx likes.

4. What approaches Snowman's tree at night?
(a) Snats.
(b) Pigoons.
(c) Rakunks.
(d) Wolvogs.

5. What does Snowman throw to scare away the animals that approach his tree at night?
(a) A Scotch bottle.
(b) A sheet.
(c) A soda can.
(d) A computer mouse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Oryx imprisoned after she is bought?

2. Which word best describes Jimmy's mother's personality?

3. What does Snowman drink water out of?

4. What does Snowman pretend his watch is for the children?

5. What causes Jimmy's parents to argue that he is reminded of by the bonfire?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is suspense created in the beginning of the novel before the reader is introduced to the specific details of Snowman's world?

2. What laws has Snowman made? Why? How is he able to make laws?

3. Why does Snowman tell the children that he has feathers instead of stubble?

4. Why does Sharon leave? Why does Sharon destroy the computers?

5. How does Snowman feel when telling the Crakers stories about Crake?

6. In what ways is Oryx a pawn? What does this foreshadow?

7. What things is Snowman scared of?

8. How does Snowman feel about Oryx?

9. Describe the relationship that Jimmy has with his parents.

10. What can the reader assume about civilization and humanity in Chapter 1?

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