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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Snowman's overall destination?
(a) His old home.
(b) A mountain top.
(c) Crake's dome.
(d) Another group of Crakers.

2. What is discouraged at Crake's school?
(a) Independence.
(b) Formality.
(c) Individualism.
(d) Pair-bonding.

3. What does CorpSeCorps show Jimmy a video of?
(a) His mother's execution.
(b) Oryx being released from the pharamcist's house.
(c) Crake and Oryx together.
(d) His father and Ramona in their own home.

4. Where does Snowman take the Crakers when they leave the dome?
(a) To the pleeblands.
(b) To an old compound.
(c) To the forest.
(d) To the shore.

5. What does Oryx want to study?
(a) Child psychology.
(b) Writing.
(c) Filmmaking.
(d) Biology.

6. What is the focus of Jimmy's school?
(a) Performing arts.
(b) Creative writing.
(c) Digital art.
(d) Visual arts.

7. What does Jimmy lose interest in after learning about his mother's fate?
(a) School.
(b) Eating.
(c) Friendships.
(d) Sex.

8. What birds are flying overhead when Snowman enters the compound's residence area?
(a) Sea gulls.
(b) Vultures.
(c) Crows.
(d) Pigeons.

9. What is the name of the prophylactic pill that Crake talks about?
(a) AnooPlus.
(b) HappyPlus.
(c) ExtraPlus.
(d) BlyssPlus.

10. Who believes that it is necessary to destroy one generation of humans to permanently eradicate civilization?
(a) Jimmy.
(b) Oryx.
(c) Sharon.
(d) Crake.

11. What does Snowman see in the building that he enters when he sees the twister?
(a) Dead guards.
(b) Weapons.
(c) A stockpile of food.
(d) Dead animals.

12. What sound does Snowman hear as he approaches the village?
(a) Screaming.
(b) Crooning.
(c) Chanting.
(d) Screeching.

13. What does Crake give Jimmy before they go to the pleeblands?
(a) An antibiotic.
(b) A date.
(c) A vaccine.
(d) A pair of nice clothes.

14. What does Oryx teach the Crakers about?
(a) Common sense.
(b) Psychology.
(c) Reproduction.
(d) Plants and animals.

15. When Jimmy spends the night in Crake's room, what wakes him up in the middle of the night?
(a) Somebody tapping on the window.
(b) Crake's roommate returning home.
(c) A bad dream he has.
(d) Crake screaming in his dreams.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the dome?

2. What does Snowman shout into the radio?

3. What school is comparable to the Watson-Crick Institution?

4. In what month does Jimmy graduate from high school?

5. What is the occupation of Jimmy's live-in girlfriend?

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