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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What social issue do Jimmy and Crake discuss?
(a) That children are unsafe.
(b) Poor education.
(c) Poverty.
(d) The dangers of child prostitution.

2. Who does Snowman pretend to ask for stubble for the children?
(a) Oryx.
(b) Crake.
(c) Sharon.
(d) God.

3. What is the author's purpose in the first two sections of the novel?
(a) To give the reader a moral message.
(b) To build suspense.
(c) To show the way Crake has changed life.
(d) To flashback to the past.

4. What does Snowman consider doing, but decides against it?
(a) Learning to cook.
(b) Keeping a journal.
(c) Approaching a nearby village.
(d) Getting a pet.

5. What is the name of the camera man?
(a) Eric.
(b) Phil.
(c) Jack.
(d) Crake.

6. What animals cannot be hunted?
(a) Those that are sacred to Crake.
(b) Those that are sacred to Oryx.
(c) Those that are sacred to Snowman.
(d) Those that are sacred to Killer.

7. What approaches Snowman's tree at night?
(a) Snats.
(b) Rakunks.
(c) Pigoons.
(d) Wolvogs.

8. What does Snowman pretend his watch is for the children?
(a) A microwave.
(b) A computer.
(c) A magnifying glass.
(d) A microphone.

9. What happens to Jimmy's father's computer?
(a) Jimmy's mom smashes it.
(b) Jimmy's mom steals it.
(c) It is confiscated by police.
(d) Crake sets it on fire.

10. What objects do the children bring Snowman from the ocean?
(a) A computer mouse, pop bottle, and fast food container.
(b) A pair of sunglasses, a cell phone, and a book.
(c) A tash bag full of cans and bottles.
(d) A dead animal and a computer mouse.

11. Why doesn't Jimmy's family ever visit the pleeblands?
(a) The pleeblands are infected.
(b) They are not safe.
(c) It's too expensive to travel there.
(d) There is nothing in the pleeblands worth visiting.

12. What is the name of the person who buys Oryx?
(a) Uncle Em.
(b) Uncle Ed.
(c) Uncle En.
(d) Aunt Ed.

13. Where is Oryx imprisoned after she is bought?
(a) In a mansion.
(b) In an outhouse.
(c) In a basement.
(d) In a three-story building.

14. What is Snowman's earliest memory of his life?
(a) Surfing the internet with Crake.
(b) A trip to the library.
(c) A bonfire.
(d) Meeting Crake at school.

15. What project is Jimmy's dad a key worker in?
(a) Pigoon Project.
(b) Pleebland Project.
(c) Microbiologist Project.
(d) Snat Project.

Short Answer Questions

1. What food do the new humans bring to Snowman?

2. What kind of hat does Snowman wear?

3. What do the women do to the injured boy?

4. Which word best describes Jimmy's mother's personality?

5. Where does Snowman find shelter during the bad weather?

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