Objects & Places from Oryx and Crake

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The Picture of Oryx

This item is one that Jimmy carries with him after Crake prints it for him.

Snowman's Model of Chaos

This is demonstrated by Snowman to the Crakers using a pail on the beach.

The Child Trader's Gold Watch

This item is a badge of quality that convinces villagers that the person wearing it is reputable and legitimate.

Jungle Bird

This object's noises make Oryx believe that her mother is sending her a message of love.

Snowman's Whistle

This is used as a character approaches the Children of Crake's encampment.

The Snowman Fish Path

This connects the Crakers' encampment and Snowman's settlement.


This word is slang for a person with a normal IQ.

Fridge Magnets

These items are collected by science students at Watson-Crick.


This animal was created by splicing the genes of snakes and rats.

Jimmy's Mother's Dressing Gown

Jimmy wears this...

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