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Lesson 1 (from Section 1 (pages 1-12))


Section 1

Pseudonyms are given to different items throughout the novel, and especially in the first section. For example, the name Snowman is a pseudonym for the main character of the novel. The purpose of this lesson is to focus on the way pseudonyms are used and what their role is in the story.


1. Class discussion: How are the pseudonyms introduced to the reader? For example, one pseudonym is the name of the main character, Snowman. Is the reader to assume that this is the character's real name, or not? What different pseudonyms have been used so far?

2. Group activity: Snowman claims that the name suits him. Why is this? Find two pieces of evidence in the text and share them with the class.

3. Writing: Pseudonyms are not names that are just given to the people; they are new names that are used for various items...

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