Oryx and Crake Fun Activities

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Fun with Pseudonyms

Use one of the pseudonyms in the novel and create an artistic representation of it. For example, you may choose to draw Snowman. In order to do so, you will mix what the character actually looks like with an actual Snowman.

ABC's of Oryx and Crake

Using each letter of the alphabet, create either a booklet or storyboards representing an item from the novel that represents each letter. Draw an illustration for each item as well.

What's a Pigoon?

What does a pigoon look like? What about rakunks? Create a short book to introduce people to at least 4 creatures found in Oryx and Crake, including the Crakers. Include a quote, picture, and a sentence of description on each page.

Journal Entry

Snowman mentions that he believes writing a journal would help him keep track of the events of his life and keep him from forgetting...

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