Oryx and Crake Character Descriptions

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After the elimination of mankind, this character is left alone and appears to be the sole survivor.


This character's first appearance in the novel is as a child who is 8-years-old. This character also appears on a sexual website.


This character masterminds a plan to kill all human beings on Earth and replace them with a new species.

Jimmy's Mother

This character is a scientist who is emotionally unstable and becomes an anti-compound revolutionary.

Jimmy's Father

This character is a prominent scientist who leads the pigoon project at OrganInc.

Crake's Mother

This character works as a diagnostician at the hospital complex.

Uncle En

This character is a trader of young children.


This character is a cameraman for child pornography videos.

Amanda Payne

This character creates art installations that involve shaping animal carcasses into four-letter words and having vultures eat the meat.



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