Oryx and Crake Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Section 1 (pages 1-12)

• Snowman wakes up in a tree and gets ready to start his day.

• Snowman's watch is broken, though he says it doesn't matter because there is no official time anymore.

• A group of children bring Snowman a computer mouse and fast food containers that they found on the beach so that he can identify them.

• The children are curious about Snowman's stubble, which he tells the children are feathers.

• Snowman pretends to ask Crake to give the children their own feathers.

Section 2 (pages 13-33)

• Snowman was once called Jimmy, and lived with his father, a genographer, and his mother, a microbiologist.

• Jimmy's earliest memory is of a bonfire of animals burning due to a virus that was killing them.

• Jimmy's father seems intimate with another woman, Ramona, who is a lab technician.

• Jimmy's mother shows signs of being mentally unstable.

Section 3 (pages 35-46)

• The weather...

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