Orpheus Descending Character Descriptions

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Beulah Binnings - This character is a middle-aged member of the Town Women and plays an important role in the prologue, where her monologue serves to inform the audience about the tragic back story of a lead character's father.

Pee Wee Binnings - This character is a small, red-faced planter. He menaces the hero with a knife.

Carol Cutrere - This character's face and lips are powdered white, eyes are outlined with black pencil, and eyelids are painted blue. This character is not allowed to stay in the county overnight.

David Cutrere - This character is tall and handsome, but with a hard look. Twenty years earlier, this character had a romance with the owner of the confectionery but rejected her, breaking her heart in the process.

Dog Hamma - This character joins the other townsmen to harass the hero. This character rips the hero's shirt...

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