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• Dolly and Beulah lay out a buffet supper to welcome Lady and Jabe home from the hospital.

• Dolly and Beulah gossip about Jabe's illness, which they believe is terminal.

• Dolly and Beulah remark that Lady and Jabe have separate bedrooms, a circumstance they compare to that of a jail, and about how Jabe and Lady got together.

• Beulah tells Dolly that Jabe bought Lady, after her heart had been broken by "that Cutrere boy."

• Beulah talks about how Lady's father, whom they refer to as "the Wop," moved to the area from Italy and brought with him a small monkey who danced to the music of a mandolin.

• Beulah says that "the Wop" made a lot of money off the sale of illegal whiskey during prohibition, which he used to buy land and plant a vineyard.

• Beulah describes how the town used to party there, and how...

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