Orlando: A Biography Character Descriptions

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This person is the protagonist of the story and changes from a man to a woman.


This person is an exotic beauty who feels very patriotic toward her country.

Nick Greene

This person is an Elizabethan poet and critic.

Marmaduke Bonthrop Shelmerdine

This person is a seaman who entertains others with his stories of traveling abroad.

Archduchess Henrietta/Archduke Harry

This person reveals to really be a man after first claiming to be a woman and tries desperately to marry the protagonist.

Queen Elizabeth I

This person invites the protagonist into the royal court and refuses to send him to war.

Mr. Pope

This person is an Elizabethan poet who is short and ugly.


This person is the gypsy who takes the protagonist from Constantinople into the Turkish hills.

Rosina Pepita

This person is a gypsy dancer who claims the protagonist's property.

King James


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