Orlando: A Biography Character Descriptions

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Orlando - This person is the protagonist of the story and changes from a man to a woman.

Sasha - This person is an exotic beauty who feels very patriotic toward her country.

Nick Greene - This person is an Elizabethan poet and critic.

Marmaduke Bonthrop Shelmerdine - This person is a seaman who entertains others with his stories of traveling abroad.

Archduchess Henrietta/Archduke Harry - This person reveals to really be a man after first claiming to be a woman and tries desperately to marry the protagonist.

Queen Elizabeth I - This person invites the protagonist into the royal court and refuses to send him to war.

Mr. Pope - This person is an Elizabethan poet who is short and ugly.

Rustum - This person is the gypsy who takes the protagonist from Constantinople into the Turkish hills.

Rosina Pepita - This person is a...

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