Orlando: A Biography Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Orlando is described as an ambitious noble who has inherited good looks from his ancestors.

* Orlando's main hobby is writing poetry, and he likes to do this in solitude.

* Orlando gains the affections of Queen Elizabeth, and she spoils him greatly until she discovers in her mirror his kissing a young girl.

* Orlando is sent to the country where he finds many women suitors.

* Orlando reenters the royal court and finds several women that he would like to marry but finds reasons to leave them all.

* A great frost takes over Britain, and the king allows everyone to build on the frozen river.

* Orlando begins having an affair with a supposed Russian princess named Sasha whom he falls in love with.

* After Orlando grows depressed, his relationship with Sasha suffers, and he soon catches her in a compromising position with a sailor on her ship.

* Orlando asks...

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