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Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Katy and Jean go together?

2. Who talks to Jean and supports her when everyone else was accusing her?

3. How does Jean characterize a story heard from various perspectives?

4. Who tries to help Jean after she is accused by the pastor?

5. Which of the following best describes the attitude of Jean's mother when Jean comes back for a visit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the author say about the curious and the collector of curios?

2. What makes Jean's mother aware of what is happening between Jean and Melanie?

3. What is the point the author makes using the pilgrim fathers in her chapter entitled Deuteronomy?

4. In what ways might the chapter entitled Deuteronomy apply to Jean's life?

5. Describe the nature and style of the chapter entitled Deuteronomy.

6. What happens when Jean returns home for a visit?

7. How was Katy and Jean's relationship discovered by the members of the church?

8. What does Jean tell the church to protect Katy?

9. Where does Melanie go, and with whom, after being accused at church? What happens?

10. What is the nature of stories and history and how does she describe them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

An entire chapter of the novel is dedicated to discussion of stories and history in general being subjective.

Part 1. What is meant by subjectivity in history?

Part 2. How subjective is history? Are there any true things to be found and proven?

Part 3. How do people best cope with the subjective nature of looking into the past?

Essay Topic 2

Jean's first theological disagreement with her church was on the definition of perfection.

Part 1. How did the pastor at Jean's church define perfection? According to him, is it achievable? How and when?

Part 2. Jean expresses her own views on the definition through a story. Summarize the story she tells and explain how it portrays Jean's views on perfection. What are Jean's views on perfection?

Part 3. Which side of this discussion do you agree with? Give reasons and examples to support your position.

Essay Topic 3

Choose one of the Biblical books that a chapter of ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT was named after; so Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, or Ruth.

Part 1. Describe the Biblical book, naming the most common references from it.

Part 2. Summarize the activity that happens in the chapter ORANGES ARE NOT THE ONLY FRUIT named after that Biblical book.

Part 3. Relate the chapter in the novel to the biblical chapter. What parallels is the book making? What references? How does the biblical chapter add depth to the book?

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