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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the faithful companion to the prince?

2. What does the headmistress of the school accuse Jean of?

3. What happens when the pastor talks about how full of spirit Jean is while he is preaching?

4. What do Jean and her mother do routinely on Sunday mornings?

5. What does Jean help do one year when they go to Morecambe?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe a typical Sunday in Jean's home.

2. What kinds of stories does Jean's mother tell her while the walk on Sundays? Give some examples.

3. Describe Jean's mother.

4. What are some things Jean's mother did for the Society for the Lost? Was she effective?

5. Describe the incident of the mac and its replacement.

6. When the Society has a special conference in Jean's town, what does Jean's mother make her do? Who does Jean meet there?

7. Describe the dream Jean has again and again about marriage.

8. What is Jean's experience with the visiting pastor, Pastor Finch?

9. Who does Jean eventually get a Saturday job from? What does she do?

10. What happened in sewing class when the class worked on cross stitching projects?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the five fundamental components of story telling discussed is that of plot.

Part 1. What is plot? How can it be manipulated?

Part 2 What are the elements of plot? Do they usually follow a pattern?

Part 3. What role does conflict play in plot? What are the four common types of conflict?

Part 4. What is the central conflict that drives the plot?

Essay Topic 2

The author frequently uses stories, often ones that sound like parables, to make her points in her story.

Part 1. Give some examples of some stories she tells to enhance an aspect of her story.

Part 2. Analyze the story she tells in reference to her story. What does it mean? What is she adding to her narrative?

Part 3. In your mind, how effective is this tool in her story telling?

Essay Topic 3

The action of the novel happens in a community of Pentecostal Evangelists, and the conflict in the story is caused by their beliefs.

Part 1. Who are the Pentecostal Evangelists, and what do they believe in?

Part 2. Have they changed since the 1960s when this story took place?

Part 3. What would it be like to be raised in such a community?

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